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Welcome To Our Web Site!
M I C K E Y   M O U S E 

Like most of the modern day generation X, we grew up with this little powerful mouse called Mickey Mouse and all Disney's characters even we lived at another side of the world. 

In 1999, when we heard that Disney's Animal Kingdom are coming all the way to Bangkok, Thailand looking for a perfect and suitable Culture Representatives to work for them. We all thought "Wow, what an opportunity to work for one of the biggest companies in the world". 

However, we must admitted that in 1999 we have absolutely no ideas of what we are going to do over there, how are we going to live and the most important is what is Disney's Animal Kingdom and Cultural Representative program is all about?". In our mind was " I don't really care, all I want is to be part of it". 

We accept that many of us have reach a star.. Completed the program and walking forward their future with confidant. Nevertheless, many face challenge and lead to drop out of the program or even they did complete the program but it come with pain and difficulty. 

That right, we can not blame anyone for they failure or difficulty or challenge during work. We do realize that many courses by lack of knowledge and lack of information. We know that we must prevent this from happen the feeling of "I don't care, all I want is to join Disney's". Because, Disney's cultural representative program does not suite every body and vice versa. 

That's where is this website begins. We hope that this website will answer many question of those who interesting in joining Disney's.... and we hope you can find the way to reach the star.... 

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