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Thai Cast Members of Walt Disney World Co.
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Memory with Disney
A place call Vista Way
       There are three important experiences that everyone has to pass from Disney World. One of those is living experience. For everyone that had been far away from home for a while, the new habitat or the place that we call "HOME" should be the best place for us in resting from work. Disney World has considered this factor as an important one by providing us the facility which is well known among us "VISTA WAY".
        For us (International Program) had been far away from home for 1 year is the  most difficult part because of our culture. Asian culture is family oriented so we spend almost half of  our life with parents or relatives. Therefore, living with strangers from the other continent is pretty new for us. In Vista way, there are almost 40 complex and in each complex composes of 12 apartments. There are two type of room that Disney
provides for us. 6 persons per room or 4 persons per room are the option for us. If you are party girl/boy, we recommend to stay in the first room. On the other hand, you need the privacy, the second option is much better.
Anyway, everyone has to stay with foreigners not your friends. There is the other facility which are located surrounding Vista Way such as 2 swimming pools, racket court, tennis court, computer room, and so on. Everyone has a change in using it but it's up to you. For laundry, there are the machine on the first floor of each complex and you have to use quarter to operate. You can change the bill to be coin at the clubhouse. As I have mentioned "Club House" , this is the center of Vista Way that you can contact them if anyone has a problem with your apartment. The operation time is 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. The second place that most of us got used to with it is International Housing Office. This office has the responsibility in helping us to do the ID card or provide the information which is located at 21st building. I think this information should be enough for the first perspective of the Living Experience. Be prepared for the good things that will come into your life.
        I hope this information will be useful for the interested person who want to join this wonderful and imagination world that can help you grow to be a mature person.
Thanitra (Ann)

Party In Vista Way.......
       When finish long working day in Disney Park or after sun set, What are Vistawayians gonna do?
           Some might go to exercise, cook, check e-mail, go around Disney Property, take a nap and Etc. HOW ABOUT PARTY??
           If you are party manic, I guarantee that you come to the right place. There are over 3,000 of people such as International and college program who live in this place. That's why there are so many parties happened in Vista Way per night. There will be birthday party, welcome or farewell party or just party (depends on a concept whose set up)
           And the party could be set up any where like their own apartments or near the club house the BBQ place. Whatever you are...... Thais, Chinese, Americans, Africans and Etc. You can come and join them. Just have some brave and be friendly. That will make it easier to get lots of new friends in especially the single and available. You might have some CLOSE friend from it.(hahaha!! Just kidding ^_^) 
           Nevertheless I would like to remind u about go in to the party, PLEASE you should know your limits. Ask yourself :
     - Do you have to work early on the next day?
     - How late can you stay?
     - Are you 21 years old for the drink or not? (The law allow you to drink alcohol if you are 21 years old) If you can drink don't get too drunk. I saw many people got terminated because they broke doors or window or Vista Way property.
      - Who are you ? Don't forget your roots and your culture!!
     - Is it Thursday? If yes, forget the party and go to P.I. (Pleasure Island) instead.
     - Be conscious!!
        Well I feel like your old grand mom already. There is party waiting for me outside bye bye and have fun everyone!!!

Wannee (Boomh)
Group of people in Apartment 1402

Farewell party in Apartment 1402