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Working as Resident of Anandapour’s Villagey 
        When you got selected by Walt Disney’s World Co., as Cultural Representative for Asia Attraction – Disney’s Animal Kingdom. One become part of Resident of City of Anandapour and must know several functions of various departments within the attraction.

Several tasks that I had to perform make me wonder that “what will I get out of this? I am a Swiss Graduated – Did they realise this?”.

I had given an opportunity to work for three areas:

Caravan Stage – Flight of Wonder : Open air theatre capacity of 1000 people.  The show was about conservation massage of Wildlife especially birds.   I thought to myself – what is this???? I have to load and unload the theatre.   At the end I realise there is more than that, I now have more skill on public speaking, more extravert, crowned control and I am not at all shy about talking in front of the public – what I mean is people of 500 in front of me.

Food & Beverage Department: All I know about this department is you must be SUPER FAST to survive.  Because you have to serve food to about 2000 guests each day and seems like 1500 of them come at the same time.  It’s a very heavy and dirty job, but after all these work you can even run the fast-food restaurant of your own. As well as you can work in any type of job and find its nothing compare to F&B of DAK.

Merchandise: For this department you must be so knowledgeable and super fast as well.  Guest always asked about anythings and everythings about the item – I think that is one of the reasons that Asia Culture Rep. are good at.  You have to be good with money as well when given a change you have to be very precise.  The word super fast use especially when its rain.  Because you have to sale 500 raincoats to 500 guests in 15 mins, well and its raining every day around 1400 pm.

After all I did have a good time and there are many more to learn about every functions if you open your heart to it.

By Rocha Trisilp
            The International working and living experience is the best I get from it. Like how to work in international environment, how to adjust oneself to cross-cultural workplace and living, how to develop oneself in communication skill and how to survive in Disney. I think working at Disney is not that bad, If taking it as an opportunity to grow up, taking care of oneself, developing the way of thinking, working in team,  learning the differences, building network and making friends. Even though I could have gone back at the time of recruiting, I had still wanted to go for it. I had gone through both good and bad time and  found a real lifelong friendship at the end. What a nice story!!! and working at Animal Kingdom, the worst part for me is working outdoor. It's because I was allergic to bright sunshine and wind which made my face horrible. It took me three whole months to have it cured. For me, I'm sure the rest of us might not see the same thing as I do, I love working at Animal Kingdom. I love animal and I'm proud to be a very small part of the effort on conservation. I love to share the story and persuade some to see what I see and hear what I believe. I love when I make someone think more about the animal and take that with them when walking out of the park. 
By Monrudee (Poo)
A Trainer of Maharajah Jungle Trek