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"ALL our dreams can come true- if we have the courage to persue them"

By Walt Disney

The most challenging part about life's experience with Disney's that one must face was the last few months before the contract ended. The typical question was " what as I going to do next?" Seem to keep repeating itself in one mind. 

Therefore, many have face low self-esteem and fear about the future... Why? Because most of Cultural Representatives was (and are) very young at both age and experience. 

Nevertheless, we all know that our next destination is Thailand " we all must go back home before decided for any future". One thing that one must realize that as soon as you stepping on the plain, flying to Walt Disney's World, you will change your world around. That right, many who promised their friends or their love one that they will never change, they have to take they words back. You will change !!!!!!. You will become matures, your physical, personality, vision, philosophy and your principle will change, of course in a better way an independent way. 

Another fear, that one must face when arrive in Thailand is when one must find a job. Where as an economic in our country seem to keep going down the hill, of course you start to wonder. However, please don't forget that you were once working with one of the biggest company in the world. When you were at Disney's every body keep telling you that having Disney's name in your resume will make a different. Well, its time to prove it and again their were right. Having Disney's in your resume making you different that the other candidate you will be better off. 

Fear is not yet over, when you are accepting in your new job in Thailand. Please don't forget that when we were at Disney's that word flexibility is very important and every thing seems possible. Well, you just get used to that world and the lean organization, but in Thailand is slightly different or very different. The large package of benefit that Disney's offer you end when your contact is ended, not many company will offer you 20% discount on all the merchandises and F&B outlets, super cheap vacations, or the best training to prepare yourself. 

The experience that Disney's has given to you working, learning, and living experience was a treasure that one must keep it as a legend. With all those experience that you received with or without realize will be a good tools and weapons for you to strive through on your long journey ahead. 

"It's a world of laughter, a world of tears. 
It's a world of hopes and a world of fears. 
There's so much that we share that it's time we're aware. 
It's a small world after all" 

By Richards & Robert Shoreward 

" Good luck on your journey & it's a long way to go". 

By Rochanaporn (Golf)