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Memory that make a big smile
If you ever worked for Disney, you will get the message... 
    1) You wonder why the mice, ducks, and chipmunks aren't 6 feet tall anymore? 
    2) You cry when you catch yourself pointing with only one finger. 
    3) On Thursday nights you drive around wondering where PI went. 
    4) You explain to random people on the street that "The 3:00 Parade starts at 3:00" 
    5) You forget that you don't have to wear the same outfits easy, so you do. 
    6) You think the toilets are angry with you because they don't flush themselves anymore. 
    7) The people at the newsstand give you strange looks when you ask for the latest "Eyes and Ears" 
    8) Guys can't stop shaving everyday, ever. 
    9) Girls can't stop wearing panty hose everyday, ever. 
    10) You can't stop calling everyone Sir or Madame. 
    11) You keep on looking for the secret entrances to your town's. 
    12) You get into an argument with clerk’s everytIme you go shopping because you don't get a 20% discount. 
    13) You built a card board time clock In your room. 
    14) You check In and out when you enter or leave your room. 
    15) You yelled at your boss for calling you an employee. 
    16) You got fired for calling you boss by their first name. 
    17) You can't stop being polite, no matter how hard you try. This is bad for New Yorkers. 
    18) You wonder why no one else is wearing his or her name tag. 
    19) You can't stop speaking In radio Code (Ex. "Sorry my car Is 101 at this time") 
    20) You try to get a fast pass for your college dining hall. 
    21) Shopping in Siam Discovery but keep looking for hidden Mickey!!
    22) Walking in Center Point and think of the story line behind it!!
    23) I'm too lazy to check e-mail cos I have so many friends around the world.
    24) You always got in a flight with your boss cos you never have a fanatic card.
    25) You think there is something wrong with the ATM cos the money still the same every Thursday morning. 
    26) I'm miss sharing apartment with 6 people cos I don't have culture shock any more.

    If you are Disney Cast Members, former and present you will know, and the Big Cheese will surely smile upon you