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Reach for a Star
When you wish upon the star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you…..
If your heart is in your dream 
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
 As dreamers do……….

      If one can refer that working with Disney’s in America is a star that one can always dream of.  We would say that being recruit you have not yet reach the star but is just only the beginning of the journey to find your star.

         By Working for Disney’s and completed the program we still would not consider that you have yet reach a star.  We believe that a star is at the end of one life that needs to accomplish an ultimate goal of one life.  Yes !  we still need to give a credit to Disney’s because they train and coach us to find the way to reach our star easier.

         Therefore, by joining Disney’s is like being reborn in many people mind.  We believe that it will give you an opportunity of a life’s time, you will find a new friends around the world, improve your English, build up your personality, international working life (you will learn about the meaning of human and employee rights), you will become extremely flexible, you will have change to join many courses around Disney’s property or at Disney’s university, and the most important is to be part of one of the biggest company in the wold.  However for what have been listed above is just what commonly advantages because we are all individual.  Because by working for Disney’s each day is different and its depending on how one would take it.  Just like an opportunity is everywhere but how many people can see it.

          Let say that we consider this Culture Representative program as a training of a life’s time.   Just like all the coins they are two sides to it.  May will find this training suitable and many will find it not.

          If you were selected from Disney’s – one thing that we must realize that our Q-1 Visa is a visa for culture representative program where this type of specialize or ability can not be found in the United State.  Therefore, you will be working only something related to your home country and representing your culture only.  You will not be involve in administrative work, it is an out door working environment, you will not have chance to experiment what you have learn from your major in the university.  You will be limited in the area that you are allowing to work.  You must return home after finishing the contract with Disney’s.  The Culture conflict will bother you as well as language barriers, well take it as a challenge.

          After all there will be more opportunities than a challenges.  This experience even money cannot buy – it is an experience that much different than an experience in master degree course.

         Therefore if life is full of challenge – this should be one challenge that one should not miss.

Rochanaporn Trisilp
02 June 2000